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Please Be Careful!
Do not perform repairs yourself. Though a problem may appear easy to solve (such as replacing a loose key ivory), a qualified technician will have the proper tools and parts to make repairs quickly and correctly. It's important to remember that unsuccessful amateur repairs are usually much more expensive to fix than the initial problem and may decrease the value of your instrument.​

Repair Services
Piano repairs can be as simple as adjusting a sticking key to make it function properly again or as complex as replacing a full set of hammers that are worn past usability.
Complementary Repairs
When I arrive to perform a piano tuning, I am always looking for ways to improve your piano's performance.  If I notice a minor problem, or if you point it out to me, and I can fix it in 5 or 10 minutes before or after the tuning, this is included in the price of the tuning.
More Extensive Repairs - $125 per hour (plus parts, if needed)
If the repair will require more than 10 minutes, I will explain the situation and give you an estimate of the time required and cost of the repair.  If I have time in my schedule, I may be able to finish the work then and there.  Sometimes a separate appointment is necessary.  

For longer repairs I may take certain parts of the piano back to my shop.  With better lighting, better access to tools, and no worries about protecting your carpeting, creating odors, etc, in my shop I can often finish longer repairs much faster than in your home.

Examples of various repairs included:
  • Sticking Keys
  • Broken Hammers
  • ​Squeaking pedals
  • Broken Strings
  • Buzzes and Rattles
  • Stripped Screws, Broken or Missing Hardware
  • Damage to Keytops